Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pulling a Knight, Looking for Matches & Making it a Night

It’s exactly 11:31 a.m. and I have exactly six minutes left of my you’ve-gotta-be-kiddin’-me 20 minute “duty-free” lunch and I am seriously thinking of pulling a Bobby Knight. I mean, how great would that be to say, “Hey, I’m tired…I give up.”

But then what would happen to those 34 yearbook pages due in exactly four days?

Or, those gazillion page proofs sitting on the large table in that other room?

Or the kid in class who asked, “What’s a textbook?”

I know, I know, I know. Welcome to my world. I was going to slam my head in the door, but instead, I started looking for those matches. You remember those matches, don’t ya?

I’m just three steps from the emergency exit, a heart beat away from insanity and one matchstick strike from setting my hair on fire.

Now, if I could just find where I put those matches, we could all run screaming from the building and call it a day… Or better yet, make that a night.

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