Wednesday, February 27, 2008

160 Carnival of Education, My Birthday & Irrelevancy

The street is a sideshow from the peddler to the corner girl
Life is a carnival--it’s in the book
Life is a carnival--take another look"

–from Life is a Carnival
the Band

The 160 Carnival of Education is out. You can go there to see what’s been posted elsewhere in the EduSphere this week.

But wait a minute a darn tootin’ minute!

… I want you to stay right here and post a Happy Birthday message to yours truly and read my bonus post below. Yep, another b-day is here and it’s today! You can post your messages by clicking on “comments” at the end of this post, or you can just email me off site at And, be nice. No spamming me with anti-wrinkle cream ads or AARP propaganda. ;-)

And, if you haven’t read my most recent post, well, geewillikers, it’s right below--Biggest Loser, Saving the Titantic & Me. I don’t say anything when my submissions to the carnival are rejected, but since it’s my birthday, I can say anything I want to. I found it rather humorous and ironic that my Biggest Loser post was rejected by a Yale student because he said, “Things that didn’t make the grade: completely irrelevant and off-topic submissions!”

Now, neighbors, I’ve been called a lot of things (and usually they rhyme with my last name and start towards the beginning of the alphabet or the end of the alphabet–you figure it out)…

But Irrelevant?

And on my 51st birthday?

And with an exclamation point?!?!

My staffers are going to have some kind of fun with this one… I think I feel a blog coming on…

And an irrelevant one at that.


loonyhiker said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! My hubby's birthday is tomorrow so I guess all great people are born in February!

Anonymous said...

Have a REALLY HAPPY Birhtday!!! Hopefully no one will blow up the dark room today :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you! Have a great day!

; ) Susan

Anonymous said...

On this Happiest of Happy Days, I'll just spam you with this:

May the Force be with you, and happy birthday.

"Mr. Palpatine, tear down this WALL!"

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Richie!

Remember that time when you thought your editors forgot your birthday and then they threw a surprise party for you exactly one month later? Wasn't that amazing?

I hope your current staffs appreciate you as much as we did (and still do!)--you deserve it!

I hope you have a fabulous day...look out for a package from me!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you! you live in a shoe... better not finish that... happy birthday! i know your not warm and fuzzy but we love you all the same


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're enjoying the tea.

And while I am old, you are always 6 years older!

Nancy said...

Happy birthday, J-Adviser Goddess and Blogger Extraordinaire ... You're the best! Hope you're having a great day. -- XXOO, N.

Anonymous said...


I thought the next line was "you work in a zoo."

Happy Birthday, Richie! Thanks for the newspapers too.


Casey said...

I say, try living 51 years and then ask yourself if you're irrelevant. Add a glass of wine (or two or three) into the mix and then ask yourself the same question.

A very happy birthday to my partner in crime. Thanks for doing the reconnaissance work and being the age scout. You look mahvelous, dahling.

ALLISONNN35 said...

YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm a day late on here but at least yesterday I remembered in person. :) Oh, and you're not allowed to get onto me anymore for wanting to tell someone off. It WORKS! haha, happy happy happy birthday,