Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holely Moley Guacamole!

OMG… and no, I didn’t get bit by another brown recluse spider, but I just got an email from Sarah Ebner who edits an education blog for the London Times (you know, over there in England) and she commented on my recent post “Back to School, Nifty Sayings & Bless Your Heart” and linked to my post and asked if it was all right. All Right? Crap Fire, how all right and fab-u-lous is that?

Check out her post on my post by going here.


Mister Teacher said...

You're international!! You're global!! You're transcontinental!! (loses the thesaurus)


Melissa B. said...

Wow--you're some kinda special gal! Congrats to you!! Hope things are going better in your neck of the woods these days. BTW, The Scholastic Scribe is back online. Please drop in tomorrow and Share the Caption Love during another HighLARious Silly Summer Sunday Sweepstakes!

j m holland said...

that's great. It is always nice o get comments but they must pack a litle extra mmmmwha! when they come all the way across the atlantic.