Monday, August 4, 2008

Worst Job Meme

Thanks to Loonyhiker who tagged me with this Worst Job Meme and my apologies for being so late in responding…

My worst job? Hmmmmmmmmm that’s a difficult one because I have always had a motto that if something (as in a job) isn’t fun or rewarding anymore, then it’s time to move on. So in my “real world” adult life, I don’t have any worst jobs… just some really, really bad, crazy moments. I have to go way back to high school when I waitressed for, oh, about a month. When I almost slid a plate of spaghetti on top of a patron’s head, I knew then it was time to quit and start studying for college.

Now the rules of this game say to tag five people so here it goes…play if you want or don’t… afterall, don’t big people get to chose what they do? My five potential playas are Scholastic Scribe, Mr. Teacher, So You Want To Teach Joel and the Eduwonkette (who I’m sure is too busy to play, but will appreciate the tag) and Edna Lee at Regurgitated Alphabets (who should have time after she cleaned out her closet).

The rules are to write a post, acknowledge the person who tagged you and then tag 5 others.

1 comment:

loonyhiker said...

I would have been really bad at waitressing too. I'm glad you almost dropped the spaghetti but didn't actually lose it. Thanks for playing!