Sunday, January 23, 2011

Teachers, Distractions & Howard

Most teachers agree it's easy to get distracted.

It's not because teachers are ADD or ADHD either.

I think it's because we have to do a lot of things–yep, those darn tootin' things again–we'd rather not be doing. Usually those things involve papers, grading, meetings, paperwork, duties, blah blah blah blah blah. And, we all know it most definitely involves all things yearbook.

I've always said this job wouldn't be a bad gig if it only involved teaching. It's the teaching part that we teachers love. That's probably why we're called teachers instead of graders, meeters, paperworkers, yearbookers, blah, blah blah blah blah-ers.

So if you are an actual teacher you'll understand why there's a stack of papers to grade on my left and a rather large orange tabby cat on my right.

Meet Howard.

Howard, the latest addition to our household.

Howard, who has spent 40 percent of his 1-year-old life living in shelters.

Howard, the distraction.

As if, I really needed one.

A distraction that is.

Or a cat for that matter.

I met Howard about a month ago during one of our volunteer days at the local animal shelter (remember I'm a sponsor of a student animal loving group). I won't bore you with the  back story to all of that. Let's just say that I thought we had the need for a cat. After a month, I finally picked up Howard and brought him home.

So instead of grading, laundry or yearbook, I've been busy with all things Howard.

I wonder how my Mr. Number-9-On-My-Speed-Dial will feel about all of that when I tell him I didn't quite get to all those yearbook pages over the weekend.

"Geewillikers!  So-o-o-o sorry I didn't get those yearbook pages out," I'll say. "Too busy trying to spring Howie from the hoosegow."

You've got to admit. It has a rather nice ring to it.


Jen said...

Cats are a wonderful distraction, this is why I will lovingly and willingly be called the cat lady!

Unknown said...

OMG! Adorable! You didn't tell me about Howard!!!

askthehomediva said...

So sorry Maggie… I thought I did. Will fill you in later. said...

I have two Howards! I love the distractions they give me...except at 2:00 am when they start fighting on top of me!!!! Love your blog!
Nikki Robertson
Media Specialist
Auburn High School
Auburn, AL