Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Independence Day & New Beginnings

It seems fitting to start writing and posting again at the beginning of July. With Independence Day just around the corner, I find myself semi-independent now that I've launched into this retirement-from-teaching-thing and latched on to this redefining-and-reinventing-yourself-thing and, let's not forget, the starting-your-own-real-estate-business thing.

Many of you wondered how all that would effect this writing thing especially since my little hiatus from posting expanded into a much longer span of time than I intended. I just felt bone tired (or as one of my favorite principals used to say, "I feel as if I was ridden hard and put up wet). But more importantly, I really floundered trying to find the funny in things anymore.

 But I think I got my funnyback again.

Some of you have wondered how I can continue to write on Bellringers now that I've launched this real estate thing. Well, my dears, let me assure you that I have found an unusual blending of these two worlds and will trudge on. (In fact, schools and homes both have bells in common, do they not? OK, OK, OK so maybe just a tad bit of a stretch there.)

In addition, to beginning my real estate business, I also will continue teaching and working with high schoolers at journalism workshops and hope to also branch out and mentor new advisers. So, you see, I have not completely abandoned my passion to teach and for education. Already I have a plethora of stories to tell and will begin posting those soon.

In the meantime, stay with me as I chronicle my real estate and teaching adventures. To all my teaching friends out there, hope you find time to relax this summer, and to all my new real estate friends, welcome and get ready. We're going to have some kind of fun now!

Oh… one more thing… I would be remiss as I declare my independence as an entrepreneur (don't you like the way that sounds) if I failed to shamelessly plug myself. So, my dears, if you need any real estate assistance, let me know. Even if you don't live in Texas, I can refer you to other agents who can assist you. So there it is. My plug. Let's hope that generates some sparks (and not the set-your-hair-on-fire kind either).