Sunday, May 18, 2014


I am thankful.

Very, very thankful. 

And not only am I very, very thankful, I am fearless.

For the first time in a gajillion years, this is the first May I don't have to worry about being "IT!" (And that, my friends, is merely by default since I am retired.)

As you all know, this time of year brings out news reports of the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it when some yearbook debacle erupts after the delivery of spring yearbooks. It's becoming more and more an annual tradition exacerbated by social media that plasters such failings and fuels the controversy.

Now just because I am a retired publications adviser, doesn't mean I don't have some level of empathy for my colleagues who still are fighting the good fight, hunkering down, practicing their yoga relaxation breathing and waiting to see who gets tagged "IT" this year. (Still, I must say it's great to be relaxing on  the sidelines watching instead of hyperventilating during the six o'clock news.)

It didn't take long before the first yearbook debacle made its way to the evening newscasts (and we're only mid-way through the month). 

So far, the winner goes to Yukon High School in our neighboring state of Oklahoma in what the news media has dubbed a "yearbook fiasco." School officials are scrambling to have 1,100 yearbooks returned to remove an "unflattering" photo of a female student. One student told reporters, "You could just see up her skirt, but you couldn't see anything."

Great. Just Great. 

To all my former colleagues who have already had their books delivered, let us be thankful that this mess is north of the Red River, and let me join you in harmony and solidarity as we all shout: