Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Education Buzz--Life's a Carnival New Year's Edition

Welcome to the 2011 New Year's Edition of the Education Buzz--an eclectic smattering of educational type things buzzing around.  Get those party hats on and get ready to toast in a New Year in the EduSphere!

But first go hang up your coat in the Education Closet and while you're there check out the post on "Year Round Schooling--Is It Time to Bite the Bullet?"

Now before you start commenting, better check out Pat over at Successful Teaching and see what makes a good, quality comment. Trust me, "Big Fat Stupid Head" isn't one of them.
Well, are we ready to  get this party started?…What better way then with the Ghost of Schooling Past from our buddy Nancy Flanagan from Teacher in a Strange Land and Barry Garelick chatting it up about why Shanghai students garnered the top scores in a math in his post, "It isn't the culture, stupid."

And speaking of stupid, you might want to see how Jane Goodwin's final exam week went  and hear what Darren from Right on the Left Coast has to say about his cheater cheater pumpkin eaters.  

Old Andrew gives us his take on why it is annoying to discuss teaching methods while Darren from Right on the Left Coast also talks about wasting money on AP classes for kids who are unprepared--now that's sure to spark some debate.

And if that doesn't get the New Year conversation rolling, Joanne Jacobs weighs in on the controversy surrounding Huck Finn and its newly edited version.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to incorporate more technology in your classroom, see what Digitalteach has to say about "Using Poll Everywhere in the Classroom" and using cellphones and  QR codes in the classroom.

Oh, so you got a new little smart android phone for Christmas. Here are 19 "awesome" apps you might want to look at.

Well, midnight is upon us. Let's make sure we bring in the New Year with lots of cheer.

I may not know much about science stuff, but I know lots about funny. For those of you serious science types, you might find some useful videos listed in these "21 Excellent YouTube Videos to Learn About Chemistry." For the rest of us, who just enjoy humor at least check out #2 on the list…

Mr Teacher began his year with a bang--and not a good one either, and my return, of course, wasn't exactly perfect either. After reading about "Mayans, Doomsday & Vanilla," make sure you also check out Mr. Teacher's hilarious year in review and my other post, "New Year's Resolution, Yearbook Disasters & Flying Pigs" for a little added humor.

I think that wraps up this edition of the Education Buzz. If you are interested in hosting an edition, please let me know by emailing me at If you find any broken links or problems with this edition of the Ed Buzz, please let me know. 
As always…
“I’ve got this feeling that there’s something that I missed…”
–Snow Patrol

And, if I did, my apologies.

Our next Carnival will be Wednesday, January 26. Please send your submissions using this handy dandy form. Deadline for submissions will be at 6 p.m. central time on Saturday, January 22.


loonyhiker said...

Thanks for including me! I can't wait to read the others. You are an angel for doing this!

Nancy Flanagan said...

Thanks for including the Teacher in a Strange Land. The new Education Buzz feels like a small bookstore with a carefully selected collection (rather than a Big Faceless Box Bookstore). A pleasure to read. Thanks for hosting, Carol.

Darren said...

Gracias for the link.

Barry Garelick said...

Thanks for the link to my article.

Barry Garelick said...

Thanks for the link to my article.