Thursday, July 5, 2012

Education Buzz: Life's a Carnival Taking a Break

I hope everyone had a terrific July 4th, and, in between celebrations with family and friends, I hope you also took a moment to be thankful for America. 

Today I was going to post the Independence Day Edition of the  Education Buzz: Life's a Carnival, but most of you have apparently taken the summer off. Most of the submissions were spam ranging from how to find a proper nanny to how to house train a puppy. All worthy topics, I'm sure, but not for here. No siree, Missy.

So after some thought and noticing that my summer is rapidly dwindling away, I decided to declare an Independence Day of my own and am taking a break. We'll regroup back here August 16 for our Back to School edition of the Education Buzz. I know most of you will have some sage words by then. 

Our deadline for our Back To School Edition will be Sunday, August 12. Obviously, please have your submissions loosely stick with the Back-to-School theme. I will post the link for the handy, dandy form as we get closer to the carnival time. (That way the spam may dwindle a bit, and besides, the site with the handy, dandy form was down.)

Email me if you have any questions or wish to host a carnival once we get back up and running. You can reach me at Until then, enjoy what is left of your summer!