Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shut Those Eyes

Spring break has arrived.

Again, there should be glee, delight, a dance of joy. Perhaps a bit of confetti.

Instead, I just glare at all the yearbook stuff I brought home and all the stuff I didn't grade from the classes I'm supposed to teach… and now I'm starting to whine, so I'll stop.

I do have a question, though. A conundrum of sorts.

Why do people yearbook staffers think that if they ignore something, it just disappears and I won't notice?

You know, disappears like when a 2-year-old  puts his hands in front of his face and because he can't see you, you are not there.

Ah, if life could be so simple.  I’d close my eyes all the time…and POOF…all those bad things—things like those yearbook pages and ungraded papers would simply disappear.

But this ain't no Harry Potter movie where things disapparate, and I’m not Samantha Stephens where a simple twitch of my nose can make things right. Hails bails, I can’t even wiggle my nose. (I can scrunch it, but I don’t think that counts.)

Perhaps someone knows the answer. I certainly don’t. I told the yearbook staff all 280 pages—as in every blessed one— needed to be turned in on Friday. I’m pretty sure I didn’t lapse into Mandarin Chinese. I’m fairly certain I pronounced the edict in English. I’m almost positive I didn’t have my eyes closed.

Still, one staffer opted not to turn in two pages. Didn’t even have the pages on the server. I guess she just thought it would go away. Disappear. Disapparate.

But doggone it, life just doesn’t work that way.

At least my life doesn’t.

Maybe I just need to squeeze my eyes shut really, really tight. Just maybe…


Anonymous said...

And yet you were able to not yell - you big fat stupid head! Awesome.

I feel your pain. I sent a yearbook spread back to a student three times last week with the simple instructions to make sure to interview the students in the photos and get a quote.

Three times it was ignored - as the kids say Epic Fail. What the Heck. So I gave it back a fourth time and assigned an editor to "help" (really watchdog). Magic - it was finally done.

Cheeseboy said...

Fortunately, in First Grade we don't have to worry about year book staffs. I am rather jealous that you are having Spring Break already. Doesn't seem quite fair.

Great blog. Glad I stumbled upon it.

Anonymous said...

I have been a yearbook adviser 8 years, this being my last as I am leaving teaching. I have found in those 8 years that I get the most done when I give a group grade for the deadlines. It makes everyone scramble to help those who cannot or will not help themselves. I give checkpoint grades in between which are individual grades so that it doesn't hurt as much as it could, but the As only come if the deadlines are met.