Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer, Do-Overs & Plan B

I need a do-over.

As in another summer.

With school looming less than two weeks away, I still have a stack of school stuff stashed in the corner of my bedroom (you know, all that stuff I was supposed to go through, organize and file). I’m embarrassed to report that the only time I’ve touched those boxes of school stuff has been to shuffle them around so I could vacuum the dust and dog hair off the floor. Oh, I almost forgot. I also touched them when I moved those boxes to the nether regions of my bedroom, so they would be easier to ignore and more difficult to trip over.

Sad, but true.

I need a do-over because I don’t quite understand where all that time I planned to allot to the “Organize Richie for Next Year” program went.

I wish I could say I was captured by aliens, but I don’t think so unless those Martians erased my memory. Still, I’m a tad bit fuzzy about what happened. I know I spent quite a bit of time gone--four weeks to be exact. However, that really doesn’t entirely explain what happened to the rest of my summer.

Really and truly I had planned to launch the “Organize Richie for Next Year” national pilot program--sort of like Oprah and Peter Walsh’s Clean Up Your Messy House tour. I even have a couple of bags from the Container Store stuffed in the garage just waiting to solve my educational organizational dilemmas, but with school less than two weeks away, I now have to launch Plan B.

My Plan B has a lot to do with a bit of smoke and mirrors and a heavy dose of procrastination.

Richie’s Optional Plan B
replacing the “Organize Richie for Next Year” Pilot Plan

Lounge Lizard… With the sun still blazing and the temperatures still soaring, let’s just sit by the pool and eat more chips and salsa, pretend it’s June instead of August and make a list of why being organized is overrated.

Face Facebook… Let’s just spend hours, like everyone else, updating our Facebook pages. Jeez Louise, since I’m new to it all (much to my sister Maggie’s chagrin), I need to find out what in the Sam Hill a farkle and a hatchling is. Then, when we return to school, we can tell everyone how we devoted our entire summer to “learning technology.”

Movin’ Groovin’… Now, if I remember my geography, I believe that whatever season it is in the Northern Hemisphere, that season is opposite in the Southern Hemisphere. So, my dears, when it is summer here, it’s winter there and visa versa. (See where I’m going with this?) So, when it’s time to start school here, it has to be ending there. Now, all we have to do is move way, way, way down south to launch our little do-over plan.

I planned to have a few more items for my Optional Plan B list, but I’ve got to go now and get that salsa ready, and there’s a bag of chips calling my name.


teachin' said...

I hear you - I had all kinds of big plans for the summer, some school related and some home stuff. Biiiiiiiig plans, greaaaaaaat intentions....and very little happened. But I spent a lot of time relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, so I'll be all rejuvenated for the school year. And that's the most important thing, right? (Or at least so I keep telling myself....)

Anonymous said...

LOL. I face this problem every year around the same time. I always wonder where all the time is gone. And then I am faced with the question,"So what did you do with your summer?" and I never know what to say! One thing that has been helping me a lot is It's a teacher network site that allows teachers to upload and share resources and ideas. It's been really helpful to me so far for the dreaded lesson plans!