Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hand Raising, Geometric Shapes & Squiggly Feelings

Raise your hands if you survived the first week of school.

Raise your hands if your feet hurt after the first week of school.

Raise your hands if you’re ready for summer to roll around.

Did your hand pop up all three times? I know mine did. So while I should be working on my lesson plans for the week, some yearbook page designs and those darn tootin’ purchase orders that sadly I meant to complete sometime over the summer but never did, I’ve decided instead to do what any self-respecting Squiggle would do.


Oh my, I guess I forgot to tell you about the whole Circle, Square, Triangle, Squiggle thing. Almost sounds like a bad game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” doesn’t it? The Squiggle thing was all a part of this teacher in-service motivational thing that touched upon Psycho-Geometrics. At any rate, we discovered how our personalities fit a specific shape with special attributes. Squiggles apparently have high energy (so why am I so-o-o-o-o-o tired?), possess a sense of humor (that explains my rubber chicken and hand puppets) and exhibit a certain level of creative intelligence (well folks, just read this ole bloggeroo).

Squiggles also tend to like to challenge the status quo and rebel. Apparently, Squiggles have difficulty completing tasks like those pesky purchase orders.

For the first week of school, I decided to do the same little test with my newspaper and yearbook staffs as part of our “getting to know you” exercises.

About 98 percent professed to be Squiggles.

Jeez Louise, now do you see why I’m ready for summer to roll back around?


Mister Teacher said...

All I know is, my hand shot up and I was making oooooh eeee monkey sounds on all 3 of your first questions...

teachin' said...

Ooh, I'd love to see the quiz - it'd be fun to do with my kids. Do you have a link to a non-charging one or anything?

askthehomediva said...

We didn't have a formal quiz. I did find a link that really is a pdf download that includes a lot more information about the types. You can then come up with your own quiz… What I did was give the kids an index card and tell them to draw the first shape that popped into their mind--a square, triangle, circle or squiggle (that's what our motivational speaker did at inservice). Then we just went through the different traits. Here's the site for the pdf…

Let me know if that doesn't work.

askthehomediva said...

Mister teacher,
Sorry for the delay in posting your comment, but OMG, somehow you ended up in my spam folder. Problem corrected.

BTW I think the monkey noises add a nice touch :-)

Melissa B. said...

We're all Squiggles over here, too. School starts Tuesday. Am I ready? Seriously??

Kelley said...

I found one that as free, and I was a triangle. I just did a Google search.