Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Star Wars, Pizza Andy & the 168th Carnival of Education

Before I get to the Carnival, I have to tell you that yesterday was somewhat of a disappointment.

I actually had a “Star Wars” emergency, and who do we call for that sort of thing? Why, Pizza Andy, of course. I needed Episode 1 (and, yes, I already know it’s not as good as the others, according to my “Star Wars” fans), but nonetheless, I needed Episode 1 for an advertising bit I’m doing on product placement. I had forgotten mine, and we all know that Andy carts around his collection in case there’s a “Star Wars” emergency.

Believing that this constituted such a thing, I tracked him down after his math class.

No “Star Wars.”

His book bag, he apologized, had become too full so he had taken them out last week.

Just another reminder that life is full of disappointments. Let’s hope he doesn’t remove his pocket Constitution. If I need one of those, we could be in real trouble.

Now on to the 168th Carnival of Education hosted by our friends at the Education Wonks. Make sure you hop on over there to see what’s going on in the EduSphere. There’s always something for everyone. My post on “Austin, Rubber Chickens and Awards” made the cut. But you don’t have to go there to read it here.


Anonymous said...

Why would you ever show any of the 3 newest episodes of starwars when the original trilogy was obviously far superior in all possible areas of film making and story telling. And I don't think promoting pedophilia is very appropriate for a public school. I mean the kid is 10 years old and you know they have a thing for each other!

-Your favorite graphics editor, Jon

Anonymous said...

Nine years old actually, and yes, the original trilogy is far superior. But the nature of the saga requires that one take in the good and the bad in order to receive the full experience.
I blame Hayden Christensen.