Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dropping SAT scores, Bubble Maps & Irony

And so it goes on the education front…SAT scores have plummeted to their lowest levels in more than two decades with Texas students faring even worse. Theories, of course, abound as to what caused the drop.

Interestingly enough, in an article that appeared in The Dallas Morning News, a spokesperson for the Texas Education Agency, said the lower scores this year were at least partly the result of testing policies in two dozen school districts — including Dallas and Fort Worth — where all upperclassmen now must take the SAT each year.

Ya, think?

As anecdotal evidence of that, I'd like to share a little ditty a school teacher friend of mine shared as she slogged through grading English papers. In a Bubble Map, a student wrote that the character Pap in Huck Finn is "alliterate."

As my teacher friend so aptly put it, "Oh, the irony!"

Yes, indeed.

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