Sunday, June 3, 2012

Now taking Carnival Submissions for the Education Buzz!

Let's get this carnival going again!

Sorry for the delay. Too much happening on my midway (if you know what I mean). But things have calmed down just a tad and the carnival submission form seems to be working (again) so send me your end of the school year posts by Sunday, June 10 and I promise to post a carnival on Thursday, June 14. 

Send your submissions to the Education Buzz--Life's a Carnival using this handy, dandy form.

If you encounter problems, please let me know at

Before you submit, please keep in mind our rules…
  1. No spam
  2. Must be education related
  3. Since the carnival may be organized around themes, not all submissions may run.
  4. Please remember to post and link back to the carnival.

1 comment:

loonyhiker said...

So glad to see this back! I submitted my post! Thanks so much for doing this!