Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Un-April Fool's Edition of the Education Buzz--Life's a Carnival

Welcome to the Un-April Fool's Edition of the Education Buzz–Life's a Carnival, an eclectic smattering of things buzzing about the EduSphere. This ain't no joke. No siree, Missy. 

Howie chomping on erasers
Howard the Shelter Cat wasn't much help with putting together this carnival edition unless, of course, you count chewing off the erasers on all the pencils in my pencil box or smacking my hand every once in while as I typed.

Thank goodness the carnival submission form was back up and running (finally). So step on in and see what's been buzzing about in the EduSphere…

Even if you don't teach English, you should read Mazenko's post on "Fear the Use of No Fear Shakespeare" over at Mazenglish.  The main point crosses the curriculum: Teachers should be the study guide.

Is there a test student's need to fail? See what Joanne Jacobs says about that.

Larry Cuban  takes on a big challenge tackling the question of whether technology in schools actually work. And, in spite of the sales pitch, this post about how technology "cannot replace student or teacher teamwork" is worth looking at because it sort of willy-nilly fits with Cuban's post and the next one from Old Andrew.

Our buddy from across the pond, Old Andrew from Scenes From the Battleground takes exception to another post that believes students should have more of a say in education. Find out why Old Andrew views himself as more of a teacher, instead of a butler.

Phillip at Writing to Comprehend addresses the brouhaha (gotta love that word) over the Hunger Games and charges of racism among fans. Hmmmmm, interesting.

OMG, Darren over at Right on the Left Coast shares a secret with us. My head almost exploded, but it's worth sorting through such words as hyperbolas, eigenvalues and antiderivative. (Personal comment here: Am I the only person on the planet that doesn't know what those things are? Did I ever know what they were? Or, is that the part of my brain that erased when I crammed too much stuff in there.) Well, hop on over there and see what he has to say.

Pat over at Successful Teaching has come to the unscientific conclusion that nice people live longer and mean people get their comeuppance earlier. 

You better read "If You Didn't Earn It, You Don't Deserve It" before you ask Jane Goodwin over at Scheiss Weekly to give you a trophy just for showing up.

Need a little humor? Head on over to Mr. Teacher over at Learn Me Good finds out about the No Stray Marks incident. No joke.

And be sure you read my latest post, "Spring Break, Yearbooks & Floods." Or, if you've been following my "Frying In My Own Fat Weight Loss Challenge" head on over to my fitness blog

Well, that's it for this edition of the Un-April Fool's Edition of the Education Buzz–Life's a Carnival. If you find a broken link, please let me know at We'll blame Howard and all his "help" for that. If you would like to host an edition of the Education Buzz, let me know that as well.

As always…
“I’ve got this feeling that there’s something that I missed…”
–Snow Patrol

And, if I did, my apologies.


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