Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet the Teacher Edition of the Education Buzz–Life's a Carnival

Welcome to the Meet the Teacher Edition of the Education Buzz–Life's a Carnival, an eclectic smattering of things buzzing about the EduSphere.

Hurry up! Let's go over to the science wing. I hope our favorite science guy, Steven Spangler, is here. He always knows a fun way to get this school party started and raise money for a good cause. Check it out. They even got to do the famously fun mentos diet coke geyser exploding experiment.

And while we're on the topic of explosions, my head nearly exploded when I ran into Darren from Right on the Left Coast and he wanted help with a little math problem in his post, Collaboration Time. But don't let the math scare you, you can read the post without having to figure anything out except why they have "short Thursdays." 

Before we leave the math/science hallway, let's stop by and see Old Andrew's classroom and check out  failing departments over at Scenes from the Battleground.

Hey, has anyone seen Mister Teacher? Only three weeks into the school year and already he's  struggling with HLTs (and that doesn't stand for Hailsbails Let's Teach, either. ). Once again a new something (High Level Tasks) to add to the other somethings that no one can seem to complete. 
I heard education guru Joanne Jacobs is in the technology wing asking why school districts continue to pour money into technology when studies fail to show any increase in test scores.

Forget about all that high tech stuff, could someone, anyone please just lift up the auditorium screen?

What's Jane Goodwin over at Scheiss Weekly at yelling about? Oh my, watch out! You better duck and cover. Here come the helicopter parents! I'm OK because they can't see me. I'm Ninja Teacher!

All this running around has made me hungry. Anyone else want to head on over to the cafeteria? Cooking Up Good Speech has this rather tasty looking lunch and a little speech lesson as well.  Although this post is aimed at parents, more teachers could probably eat healthier as well. (Check out my "Frying In My Own Fat" weight loss challenge.)

Don't forget to grab your free goodie bags before you leave. The people over at the Education Sector created a Facebook page  called Teacher Sector which they said is designed "to find out what teachers think about education and share their good ideas." So, now you know. You can also entered into a drawing for $450 for school supplies.

Oh, and speaking of FREE stuff, time is running out to send in your entry to our good friends over at the Dow Jones News Fund for free subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal's Classroom Edition. Check it out. Deadline is Sept. 19.

And finally, don't forget to stop by and meet Pat over at Successful Teaching who reminds us that our voice really does matter and Carrie over at Jedi Music who reminds us to be grateful.

That concludes our Meet The Teacher night. Please start making your way to the exits so our tired teachers can go home, grade some papers, plan tomorrow's lessons and maybe eat some dinner. 

Join us here again on Wednesday, Sept. 28 for our next edition of the Education Buzz. Please submit your posts no later than Saturday, Sept. 24 by 5 p.m. CDT. Use this handy dandy form for your submissions and please keep in mind our submission rules…
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As always…
“I’ve got this feeling that there’s something that I missed…”
–Snow Patrol

And, if I did, my apologies.


loonyhiker said...

Thank you so much for including my post and for taking the time to do this.

Carrie said...

I would like to thank you as well, for including my post! Looking forward to reading everyone else's posts...

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

You always do such an excellent job with the carnival! Thank you for including me.