Wednesday, December 31, 2008

204th Carnival of Education--New Year’s Eve Edition

Welcome to the New Year’s Eve Edition of the 204th Carnival of Education! Put on those party hats, grab a little eggnog and let’s make some noise! It’s time to party hardy, make some resolutions and ring in the New Year.

So to sort of paraphrase Prince’s song (or whatever his current name is)…Tonight I'm gonna party like it’s 2009!

BTW, everyone looks absolutely marvelous especially Sarah Ebner from across the pond at School Gate. Everyone looks rather posh, don’t you think? I think Victoria Beckham must be right when she announced that she dresses “like a teacher.”

Hey, there’s Mr. Teacher by the front door handing out his Christmas letter written as only Mr. Teacher can while Clix from Epic Adventures Are Often Uncomfortable chats about her end-of-term reflections. Of course, there’s Larry Ferlazzo giving out his list of the best images of 2008.

Nancy Flanagan from Teacher in a Strange Land has a list too, but her list is for the five most influential people in education. I think she’s on to something especially with her Top #1 spot. And, of course, who wouldn’t put the Eduwonkette on that list as well? Isn’t she’s on everyone’s “A” party list. Oh my goodness, I hope she wears her mask and costume even though we know who she is. Now, wouldn’t that be fun?

Oh, there’s Joanne Jacobs by the punch bowl talking about proficiency promotion. I hope she can get me one of those nifty charts, but I’ve gotta tell you, I think I’d be stuck on the “I need help” level.

Hey, our buddies over at the Right Wing Nation are stirring things up talking smack about how all that high tech stuff doesn’t helps one bit. Check out Hi Tech Hype. Jeez Louise, if this little excerpt doesn’t tweak your interest, you’ve had a bit too much eggnog… “Forget the wading boots for the educration hype about High Tech High. You need a hazmat suit and oxygen tanks, because there’s nothing here but organic fertilizer of the equine fecal variety.”

Now those Right Wing Nation guys aren’t the only ones stirring things up. Dave is talking about teacher unions and that Rasmussen Report.

Did someone mention low tech classrooms again? A Stick In the Sand is talking about exploring metaphors without technology. Ah, the possibilities. Oh have you met the Pugnacious Irishman yet? OK, OK, OK, so I invited him for the name alone (I’ve told you before I’m easily amused) and because he was doing a little pondering about relevance and education.

And while we’re talking about relevance, why in the world is Tom talking about cars? I thought we were talking about education. Oh, I see and you probably should see what he’s talking about too. What? Darren from Right on the West Coast is talking in Mandarin Chinese? No, wait, he’s talking about the ROTC.

All this serious stuff is making me hungry. Let’s go grab some hors d’oeuvres. There’s quite a group gathered there talking about New Year’s resolutions. Desertjim points out the need for early childhood education and believes the incoming administration supports such programs. The Science Goddess thinks we need to rethink and revamp what it means to make the effort. Mathew Needleman over at Creating Lifelong Learners has some thoughts on making classroom rules while Ms. Teacher said something about rethinking her teaching.

And last but not least, I’m sure glad Daniel Willingham from over at Britannica Blog dropped by. He has some interesting thoughts on memory. I’d tell you about them, but I, uh, forgot.

But one thing I know I didn’t forget–this year we have a leap second! OMG, there’s so many things I need to do with my extra second. How will you spend yours? I know how I’ll spend mine…

I’ll spend my leap second wishing you blessings throughout the New Year!

Now I think I’ve taken care of everything except to tell you about my New Year’s resolution. I will once again resolve not to call anyone a Big Fat Stupid Head (I know, an exercise in futility). Still, I’m inviting you to join me in my Big Fat Stupid Head Challenge #3. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we shall once again commence the counter on January 1, 2009. Let’s just see how long I can go without calling someone a Big Fat Stupid Head. The last challenge ended after 111 days, 16 hours, 19 minutes and 28 seconds. You can read about it here.

Oh my, the clock is ticking. It’s time to thank everyone for stopping by. Now before you start to party too hardy, make a note to meet us at the next carnival hosted by the Right Wing Nation. You can use this handy, dandy submission form. If you can help Ed the Carnival Master by hosting a show, pah-leese email him at owlshome [at] earthlink [dot] net and volunteer.

And as always…

“I’ve got this feeling that there’s something that I missed…”
–Snow Patrol

And, if I did, my apologies. Until next time…Happy New Year!


Clix said...

Richie Rules! Woot!

UGH. I have so much to do... I really shouldn't be here!

Nancy Flanagan said...

Happy New Year, Ms. Bellringer, and thanks for inviting me to the party. Good luck in the new year, especially with that BFSH prohibition. So many BFSHs, so hard to resist. Cheers! (clinking glasses)

Unknown said...

By 5 pm EST, please! Next week's submissions, that is.

Mister Teacher said...

What a party!!! Thanks for helping us ring in 2009, Carol!!
Happy New Year!!

Darren said...

Muchas gracias for including my post.

Angela Watson said...

Happy new year!! Looking forward to more wittiness in 2009...

ms-teacher said...

Thank you for including me!

Melissa B. said...

Have the Happiest of New Years! Here's to much more Bloggy Fun in 2009!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet...thanks for including me! I'm gonna have to read some of the articles too, they look real interesting.