Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blog Topics, Necklaces & Whoville

People often ask me how I come up with subjects for my blog. Well, if you spent even just a few hours with my DIs (Darling Inspirations), you, too, would see how topics just appear--kind of like those nasty villians in scary movies that pop out of nowhere.

Sometimes they scare the bejeebers out of me, and by “they,” I’m not talking about those villians either.

When I returned to school  after my trip to Washington, D.C., I entered the school with just a tad bit of dread as to what disasters awaited. Much to my surprise--a pleasant one at that--I found my door and classroom decorated in celebration of my award and my book.

Ever the opportunist, the DIs in all my classes used my return as an excuse to bring their own food and hold an inpromtu party of sorts--probably in violation of all those nasty little rules regarding acceptable food consumption.

I’m not quite sure if it was my absence or their sugar consumption, but the DIs and I had a tad bit of trouble understanding each other upon my return. I don’t know if my hearing got worse or their mumbling became more pronounced.

One conversation went something like this…

Student… “blah blah blah?”

Me… “What?

Student… “Where else did you go?”

Me… “I went to visit my best friend in Annapolis…”

Student… “What? Your friend lives in a necklace?”

Me & Everyone else… “What?”

Student… “A necklace?”

Me… “A necklace?”

Everyone else… “What?”

Me… “I said AN-NAP-PO-LIS…”

Student… “Oh, Annapolis. I thought you said ‘necklace.’ That would have been a pretty big necklace…”

When I repeated the story to my newspaper staff, my omelette-making-sports-editor said, “Well, you could live in a necklace if you where a Who…”

“Who?” I asked. “What who? Who’s a who…”

“You know, Whoville,” he said. “You could live in a necklace if you lived in Whoville.”

The rest of the staff just nodded in agreement.

“I didn’t go to Whoville,” I stammered. “I went to Annapolis.”

I called my BFF later that day and told her the story.

“Well,” she said, “is it a pretty necklace? I don’t want to live in a tiny one.”

Next time, when someone wants to know where I’ve been, I think I’ll save everyone a lot of trouble and just say, “Whoville.”


Edna Lee said...

It's amazing that you all can manage to put together a newspaper at all with the communication barriers you face with one another!

Jennifer C. Valerie said...

LOL! That's really funny. Thanks for the laughter this morning. Came over via The Scholastic Scribe.

Have a great day!