Sunday, January 16, 2011

Teacher In-Service, King of the Forest & ENP Training

While most people are off celebrating Martin Luther King Day, I will be at work--at teacher in-service (which if you're a fan of this blog or if you've read my book, you know how much I just love professional development days).

Still, it's nice having a day to re-group, and from looking over the itinerary, I think I can survive the day especially since a nice little lunch was carved into the schedule. (What's not to like about that?) Plus, as an added bonus, we were able to sign up for professional development sessions we wanted to attend. 

If I were King of the Forest or King of Professional Development, here would be…

Richie's Top 5 Professional Development Offerings

#5…Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eaters–What are the latest cheating methods used by kiddos these days? Show me. By now, we all know the water bottle method, but isn't that a bit old school now? Show me some new stuff.

#4…101 Ways to Text in Class Without Your Teacher Knowing It– With more than 40 percent of teens saying they text in class, show us how they do that–above and beyond the sweatshirt, purse and book tricks.

#3…Virtual Jammie Teaching–Can we have a class, pah-leese where I can teach by slapping up a life-size stand up of myself complete with a camera and microphone while I'm in the comfort of my home in my jammies?

#2…Top 10 Things NOT To Say at a Parent Conference–This could be a really cathartic session where we speak the bubble above our heads and talk about the stuff we wanted to say at some of those interesting parent conferences, but never did, or the things we actually blurted out, but probably shouldn't have.

#1…How To Remain Positive When You're Really Negative– I've got this one covered, and I'll even share this one with you. It works in any situation and with any age group. It's perfect because you (1) ooze empathy (2) manage the correct negative response while (3) providing a positive  boost to self of steam.  It goes like this: Someone asks you something, and you merely respond this way: "I'm so-o-o-o-o sorry. No. Your hair looks lovely today."

Empathy. Negative. Positive.

We could call it ENP training.

Ah, if only I were King of the Forest.


Suzanne said...

Indeed, I hope you are a king in the forest of East Texas education. I feel your pain as I face 30 bleeping, mandatory hours of GT training after I have taught all kids like they're GT for 31 years.
Lions, tigers and bears, Oh my!

Unknown said...

I looked over all the cheating methods described by that link. Geez-louise, they're awfully creative. If they'd spend all that time studying instead of trying to cheat, everyone might be straight-A students.

Melissa B. said...

Most of my "professional development" time is spent e-mailing, texting and - gasp! - even sometimes blogging. What a worthless waste of energy those inservices are! Perhaps you should come back to FCPS and take the helm of our beleagured PD office. I like your offerings! OK if I mention them over at my place? Full disclosure, credit, etc., but of course!

askthehomediva said...

Melissa B…
Of course you can mention the list over at your place. I am always available for consulting and would be proud to present the ENP seminar. ;-)