Monday, January 31, 2011

Senior Superlatives, Bart Simpson & Chalkboards

With sunshine and temperatures close to 70 degrees, I wonder why I'm sitting here slumped in this papasan chair more interested in watching Howard the shelter cat than reviewing my week and trying to figure out anything blog-worthy.

My DIs (Darling Inspirations) haven't provided much fodder lately, and we were even on newspaper deadline last week. I don't even want to talk about yearbook--once again I'm so far behind, I'm not exactly sure how far behind I am. The only thing I'm fairly certain of is that  if yearbook were a race, I'd still be in the locker room searching for my shoes. Yep, that pretty much describes how far behind I am--no hyperbole there.

We finally started taking pictures for senior superlatives, though. (You know, where seniors vote best smile, best dressed, class clown etc.) Shannon, newspaper editor and photographer extraordinaire, agreed to shoot them for yearbook. For the class clown photograph, she wanted to use a chalkboard a la Bart Simpson as a backdrop.

The first big hurdle was actually finding a chalkboard. In an era of computers, whiteboards and smart boards finding a chalkboard proved to be somewhat of a difficult task. We managed to borrow a broken one we located in the band hall. The second big hurdle was finding some chalk. Thank goodness for the art department.

In Bart Simpson fashion, Shannon then meticulously wrote: "I will not stop clowning around" over and over and over again on the chalkboard for the photo shoot.

Even though it said "I will not stop clowning around," I still spent the rest of the day trying to convince my classes that I didn't actually make someone write that. (Although I did once make my newspaper staff write sophomore over and over and over again. (I figured you shouldn't be able to be a sophomore or graduate if you couldn't spell sophomore.)

For a brief moment, I thought about keeping the chalkboard as a deterrent.

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