Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Simple Life, Tasty Shrimp & Warning Flags

I’m sure everyone missed me something terrible while I sat on the warm sands, listening to the soothing waves of the Gulf of Mexico while actually reading from the stack of books I’ve been accumulating all year long.

I sure hated to leave the Island (South Padre Island for you non-native types). I love living a life where the only major decision is whether to boil the fresh shrimp or cook them Barefoot Contessa style and the only crisis centers around who used up all the SPF 45 sunscreen leaving only a can of 30 SPF.

Ah, if life were so simple throughout the school year.

I also love the kind of life where you can peak out from your fifth floor balcony and get a heads up on what kind of day you’ll encounter just by gazing on either side to see what color flag is flying… Red for dangerous currents, Yellow for calm to moderate waters (although there’s this clever little notation that just because the waters are calm “does not mean safe water”--Jeez Louise). And, the last one and my least favorite one–Blue for “venemous marine life.”

Now even though I promised myself not to think too much on this trip, all that flag flapping got me to thinking--I know, I know, not necessarily a good thing--but nonetheless, I got to thinking about how maybe, just maybe, I should create and implement my own Flag Advisory System. You know, just to give the kiddos a heads-up on the kind of day in store for them. Besides, I think it would fit in rather nicely with my Code K warning system. So here’s my idea, let me know yours.

The Richie Flag Advisory System

Red Flag…Unless your hair is on fire, you best just sit down and hope for the best. This is a don’t-mess-with-me-day-or-we-may-just-pull-your- liver-out-your-nose kind of day.

Yellow Flag…Things are about as “normal” as they possibly can be, but just like at the beach, calm and normal doesn’t necessarily guarantee safe.

Blue Flag…We’re all feeling a bit snarky in here. Be prepared for sharp-witted and possibly stinking remarks.

I have a bad feeling, though, that the red and blue flags will fly repeatedly and probably simultaneously.


Melissa B. said...

Welcome back! Indeed, we sure did miss ya! I like the flags; may I steal your idea? I'm told that the only way kiddos can tell I'm i-Rate is if they look me in the eye. See, I have this annoying habit of smiling All. The. Time. Apparently, my eyes register different degrees of perturbed-ness, depending on the situation. My glare has been called "The Ice Stare," & apparently, paired with the smile, creeps the Cherubs out!

askthehomediva said...

Of course you can steal the flag idea… and I'm glad you have the "Ice Stare." Apparently, I have mastered "The Look.” ;-)

loonyhiker said...

I like your flags. I used to have 2 small stuffed animals: a pink happy dinosaur and a mean looking green bull. If the dinosaur was on my desk, my students knew they could kid with me and it would be a good day. If my bull was out, the students knew I was in a bad mood and left me alone. Sometimes a student came in and asked if he could borrow the bull so everyone would know to leave him alone. We didn't use the bull much but when it was out, everyone gave that person a lot of space.

askthehomediva said...

I love the stuffed animal idea.I'm going to have to find two suitable ones to display. What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

You don't need flags, you have music.
Counting Crows=happy
Modest Mouse=deadline
Mika=deadline is over and it is now time to dance