Wednesday, June 4, 2008

174 Carnival of Education

Woo-hoo! The 174 Carnival of Education is out and hosted by our buddies over at the Education Wonks. Not sure what evil befell the Education Wonks–something about some “disastrous technical troubles,” but I bet they don’t know Jack. (You remember Jack, don’t you? If not, then make sure you go here.)

Anywho, my submission “Train Wrecks, Dr. Laura & Throwing Tinkerbell Under the Bus” was included as well as lots of other interesting things across the EduSphere. But you don’t have to go there, to read that here.

While there’s lots of good stuff to peruse, I was particularly fond of Joanne Jacob’s post on Billy Joel, history teacher, and NYC educator’s comments on lying teenagers. The Scholastic Scribe’s post on internet security in her district was interesting although I personally preferred an earlier senior prank post (but that’s just my twisted sense of humor). Oh, and keeping with humor, you’ll definitely want to see what Mr. Teacher has to say in his post “Don’t Space Me, Bro.”

And, of course, there’s lots of other good stuff… so head on over there, just make sure you come back here.

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Melissa B. said...

Bell: Thanx for the Shout Out! Yes, Ye Olde School Building has fallen victim to a few more failed "Senior Pranx" this past week. Did you recognize Hollywood & Vine (the big intersection in the middle of the school) from the photo in my post?