Monday, January 9, 2012

Survivor & the New Semester

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This upcoming week poses some interesting challenges.

Interesting as in how will we survive an entire week back.

Interesting as in how to survive the fourth newspaper deadline.

Interesting as in how to survive yearbook.

It always comes down to survival, doesn't it. And if I were on that reality TV series Survivor, I wouldn't survive a nano-second.
The new season, Survivor One World begins Feb. 15 on CBS.

Or, perhaps maybe I would.

People like me (teachers/publications advisers) possess a certain skill set.

You know, skill sets like…
•Surviving in a room surrounded by teenagers
•Thriving under pressure
•Problem-solving with limited resources
•Team building in the face of insurmountable odds
•Meeting deadlines
•Flawless communication skills which, at this point, in our society means the ability to talk, like, in complete sentences, you know, without, you know, using "like" like a gajillion times or "you know."

Hey, sounds a lot like those "qualifications" for those reality show contestants.

Perhaps we should sign up.

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Melissa B. said...

It's the deadlines this year that are killing me. Think I'm getting to old for this. Of course, I have 120+ journalists this school year, and a class of 27 AP Langers, too. For joy!