Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome to the Hotter-than-You-Know-Where Education Buzz Life's A Carnival

Finally,  I have taken a brief break from painting, scaping and staining at the Denton Beach House to pull together this edition of the  Hotter-than-You-Know-Where Education Buzz Life's A Carnival.

I'm sure many of you have been following the Atlanta cheating scandal. Make sure you check out my post "Those Cheating Hearts" over at Technorati. Joanne Jacobs also comments on cheating here while Tim over at Assorted Stuff points out the Bigger Cheating Scandal.

Mamacita has lots to say over at Scheiss Weekly on whether we are overprotecting our children. And to that, my dears, I say, "Amen, sister!"

Check out why the best teachers make learning memorable over at Steve Spangler's blog.

Old Andrew over at Scenes From the Battlefield analyzes debating strategies
Darren from Right on the Left Coast talks about the new standards at Notre Dame for dealing with sexual harrassment on college campuses.

Necrotic Hijinks thinks that perhaps pyrotechnics provides the answer for engaging student learning.

New blogger ICE.Teacher has a light bulb moment and uses her improvisation skills from theater in her writing class.

With all the financial crunches and teacher layoffs, one of those online masters sites gives us a lists of Top 40 Job Sites for Teachers.

Let's Play Math is looking for some math quotes for her book. If you wanted to be counted on in, head on over there.

It was a dark and stormy night over at Joanne Jacobs' site. Make sure you see what that's all about by going over there.

Well, that's it for this carnival. If we haven't sweated ourselves into a puddle, the next carnival will appear here (I hope) on August 10.  Send your posts by August 6 using  this handy, dandy form


Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

Thank you for including my post in the Education Buzz! You've done a great job, as always!

@ICETeacherSara said...

I'm thrilled to have my "lightbulb moment" post included in Education Buzz! Thank you!!

Clix said...

Richie, GUESS what I found out this morning. No, I don't think you can guess. So I'll tell you. My rising-senior poised-to-be-editor for the 2011-2012 year is going to be HOMESCHOOLED.

Now, granted, we've got a couple of weeks until school actually begins, so who knows? Lightning could strike me and put me out of my stress-induced misery.

However, right now? NOT a happy cookie.

askthehomediva said...

OMG how did THAT happen? What are you going to do?

Clix said...

I have no idea how it happened; SHE hasn't said anything to me about it. (I'm wondering if she actually will or if we'll start school & she won't be there.) I guess we'll just make the book without her. ;p

askthehomediva said...

And people wonder why (1) good yearbook advisers are difficult to find (2) yearbook advisers go nuts & crazy and (3)yearbook advisers steadily get snarkier as the year progresses…