Friday, March 21, 2008

Carnival Submissions & Other Odds & Ends

News flash…news flash…news flash…

Just a few things--three things to be exact--I just know you want to know…

No. 1…Don’t forget to submit your stuff for the next Carnival of Education… Yes, siree, I’m hosting it and the deadline is 6 p.m. sharp, Tuesday, March 25. Did I say 6 p.m. sharp, Tuesday, March 25? Remember, us journalism types don’t waiver on deadlines. Ask my kiddos. You can send your submissions using this handy, dandy form or by emailing me at

No. 2…For my Pizza Andy fans, Andy did not receive the $50,000 Al Neuharth Free Spirit Journalism Scholar Award, but he still has the $1,000 plus his fab-u-lous trip to Washington, D.C. What a wonderful adventure and what a terrific kid. (Sorry, can’t use an exclamation point because we have a rule: No exclamation points unless there is a nuclear explosion or your hair is on fire.)

No. 3…And speaking of fab-u-lous… My incredibly fab-u-lous newspaper editor-in-chief Katelyn will receive a summer journalism internship at the Dallas Morning News. They made the announcement this week after interviewing area high school journalism finalists. Now that news definitely deserves a Woo-hoo. And hails bails, while we’re at it, let’s just toss in an exclamation point too-- Woo-hoo, Katelyn!

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Ms. Longhorn said...

The Dallas Morning News is a great paper! Congrats to her! :)