Friday, August 2, 2013

Beige, Training & Christmas in July

Less than two months into my new real estate (ad)venture and I find myself in an interesting position–at the bottom of the educational food chain and way off the charts of the learning curve.

It is a rather interesting place to be and has provided me with a rather new perspective from a learner's point of view instead of a teacher's point of view.

I have become beige.

And not by design either. 

Since I have been spending quite a bit of time in a variety of training sessions offered by a variety of groups, I have discovered–whether intentionally or unintentionally–"experts" tend to view beginners much like most people view beige walls–uninteresting, unobtrusive and rather invisible.

In a technology session I attended, I was the only beginner. The Internet went down. People were frantically trying to "fix" their laptops. I announced, "Hey, it's not your laptop, the Internet's down." 

Nothing but beige. 

"No really. The Internet's down," I said again.

More beige.

Someone then came into the room and informed everyone, "The Internet's down."

"Ohhhhh," said the others as if hearing the proclamation for the first time.

See what I mean? Beige. Beige. Beige. I have other examples, but I think you know what I mean here.

About a week ago, I started training with my real estate company. Thankfully, the trainer is pretty amazing. While I know lots of teachers who hand out chocolate as an incentive, I don't know very many teachers who can get their students in July to vie  for left over chocolate Santas or Easter Bunnies as a reward.

Nothing beige about that.

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Wes said...

Love the 'learning curve' graphic. Hope you find the right mentor/coach because as teachers, we know that makes all the difference. Enjoy the process :-).