Sunday, October 16, 2011

Confessions, Smart Phones & Bullies

Confession time.

Once again I find myself on the outside looking in.

At 54 years old, you would think that sort of thing wouldn't bother me anymore. After all, I managed to chart a pretty good course through 75 percent of my life span undeterred and undaunted by my quirkiness and without an overriding need to fit in.

Except this time, I think I would rather like to. You know, fit in.

You see, I am the only one in my family and circle of friends without a smart phone.

My youngest daughter just got to trade in her gnarly, antiquated, unsmart phone for Steve Job's last hurrah, the iPhone 4S.

I must admit there's some serious pangs of longing going on here. At first, I just thought those pangs were from that stupid "I'm Frying In My Own Fat" Weight Loss Challenge, and I needed to visit my emergency chocolate drawer. But after further introspection, I realized it was that darn tootin' phone.

Even my technologically challenged hubby has an android. He's always telling me how blazing fast the thing is, and how he has this app and that app.

Apps? My phone is too dumb for apps.

Oh, and I'd love to see what those QR codes can do, but again, my phone is too dumb for that.

Sadly, it will be June before my phone carrier, Sprint, allows me the requisite $150 rebate so I can afford a smart phone.  That delay might have something to do with that unfortunate time my dumb phone leapt from my hand and scuttled willynilly onto the concrete garage floor and then randomly started to turn itself off and on.

Still, you would think Sprint would take some pity on me and let me blend in and join the smart ones.

Hails bails, I feel like the last kid to be picked in gym class for dodge ball.

I think this borders on bullying. I'd report it, but my phone's too slow.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I moved to the smart phone universe this last summer - with an Android phone, because I too have Sprint. It will be some time before I can rock an upgrade to a new Apple toy. Serious sad face.

Jeannine K Swan said...

I promise never to pick you last for ANY team. You are smart with or without the latest mobile device.

Unknown said...

Awww, DH and I still have dumb phones too.

Clix said...

Hey Richie, guess what I got told? "No interviewing during school." I'm not entirely sure HOW we're supposed to produce a SCHOOL newspaper. I am not YET going to say that our principal is a Big... well, you know. He's new, so maybe this will be a Learning Opportunity for all of us. :P

askthehomediva said...

Well, I don't even know what to say to that. Keep me posted because that's probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Jeepers.

Carrie said...

Actually, I'm pretty happy to hold on to my "dumb phone". I am distracted enough by everything else in the world, and find the monthly data package fee pretty steep!!

So, yeah, most of my elementary students have a better phone than me...but I'm OK with that. If I taught High School they'd probably all have better cars, too...