Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer, the Denton Beach House & Vanilla Ice

I really do love teaching, but I would be a big, fat liar if I didn't say that with the stress of my job, I spend much of the year pining away for my favorite time of the year–summer!

I love summer.

I love everything about it… Mr. Sun, the beach, the pool, the heat, chips & salsa, lemonade, limeade, blue cloudless skies, puffy cloudy blue skies, the smokey smell of mesquite smoked barbecue.

I love the feel of warm sand, the sound of the ocean waves and the sight of pelicans flying.

So now that summer is here, you would think I would be well-rested and happy as a seagull snatching scraps of bread mid-air.

Yeah, you would think. Instead, immediately following my trek to the beach, I have spent most  of my waking, breathing moments working on our latest project, which I fondly (and not-so-fondly) refer to as my Beach House in Denton or simply the Denton Beach House. For those of you not familiar with North Texas, Denton is nowhere near the beach. In fact, it's about 600 miles away.

Blame it on all those HGTV and DIY home improvement shows. Blame it on my teeny, weeny, tiny brain that thought it was great idea to help my daughter buy a house instead of paying rent while she attended college. Blame it on… well, you fill in the blank.
Denton Beach House Shanty Shed

What I want to know is where in the Sam Hill is Scott McGillivray when I need him? Or how about Ahmed and the yard crashers? He would have loved getting rid of our shanty shed in the backyard. Is it really too much to ask for a little bit of Ice, Ice, Baby! 

Is it?

All this week when I returned home from working on the Denton Beach House, I just glare at the stack of school work on the floor that I brought home for the summer. You know, work to "catch up on." 

Piles of it.

Maybe, just maybe, I'm looking at this all wrong. Perhaps I'm waiting for the wrong people to knock on my door. Maybe just maybe Peter Walsh will appear with his magic and make all of that stuff go away.

In the meantime, I'm headed out to the pool.

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