Sunday, May 9, 2010

Teacher Appreciation, Walking & Power Yoga

Teacher Appreciation Week was last week, and if you’re still wondering what to get me, how about plunking down a few bucks for the cause and donate to my 3-day for the Cure walk.

As far as Teacher Appreciation Weeks go, mine went fairly well. My principal did a few things for us… free breakfast goodies, free ice cream and free t-shirts. The week even ended on a good, fattening note when the Great Dr. Al extended our lunch from 25 minutes to 40 minutes and catered food from Babes. What's not to like about a little chicken fried steak and fellowship?

This teacher appreciation thing, though, didn't lend itself for much inspiration from the Darling Inspiration category. Worry not, though, I think I managed to breathe in and spew out enough stupidity for everyone. 

Here's the ferret-on-crack version:

My Pink Me Out buddy and I decided to train together on Mondays and Wednesdays. That way I can walk first and then still attend my yoga classes. Our first training walk was Wednesday. 

I thought I had planned appropriately packing my bag of stuff the evening before. Immediately after the we're-outta-here-final bell rang at 3:45 p.m., I promptly changed into my exercise attire. I realized then that the yoga pants without pockets was not a good idea. And, with the temperature hovering around 92 degrees, forgetting my sunscreen wasn't a good idea either. Nor was forgetting my hat.

Undaunted, I resolved to just carry my water bottle. We were going to walk around the track, but spring football training was underway and I didn't feel like dodging wayward footballs. Instead, I walked on the sidewalk for about 2.5 miles in about 55 minutes in 92 degree heat without pockets, sunscreen or a hat. 

Afterwards, I felt just a tad queasy, so I stopped at a nearby grocery store bought an apple, a couple slices of cheese and a cold bottle of water. I ate my little snack outside the yoga studio in my trusty air conditioned mini-van and felt better.
That feeling of bliss lasted, oh, about two seconds when I remembered the yoga class I planned to attend was Power Yoga. You don’t have to be a certified yoga guru to figure out that my apple and cheese wasn't going to sit well while we were flowing, and certainly not while flowing in 80 degree studio temperature.

No siree, Missy.

I'm always admonishing my kiddos to plan better and make better choices.

I think I'll take that advice next time. I'll eat a light snack before I walk, and I'll remember to bring some sunscreen, wear something with pockets and don a hat. 

Now, none of that will improve my yoga, but at least my down dog will look less like a dead dog.

Or so I hope.


khmacski said...

I hope you plan better next time, too! You are too valuable of a person to end up with complications of heat stroke. And don’t even get me started on the potential of melanoma!!

loonyhiker said...

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you in my blog today!