Sunday, April 4, 2010

Good Friday, Yearbook Deadlines & Ring Tones

At 5 p.m. on Good Friday, I rolled out of the school parking lot on my way to the UPS store to mail back some yearbook page proofs. I tried very, very, very hard not to curse my yearbook rep since one probably should not do that sort of thing on a Holy Day. 

My yearbook rep and I played phone tag for most of the day which was particularly unnerving since I discovered a disaster of some sort almost every 1.5 hours that required emergency speedy quick attention and about a kilo of emergency chocolate.

The phone would ring, I would answer, the signal would fade, and then I would yell into the deep dark abyss others refer to as “yearbook.” Repeat those steps a gajillion times and you pretty much have my not-so-Good Friday day.

After about the fifth time, I decided I really needed to set aside a special ring tone for all calls that were yearbook related. My current default ringer—Jumping Jack Flash—doesn’t cut it. In fact, I’ve started yelling back at Mick, “NO-O-O-O-O, MISTER JAGGER, IT’S NOT ALL RIGHT NOW” and “NO-O-O-O-O, IN FACT, IT’S NOT A GAS.”

No siree, Missy.

So, I have my top list of ring tones for All Things related to yearbook. A few are carry-overs from my semester exams ring tone list.

Richie’s Top 5 Yearbook Ring Tones
#5…AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”… I really don’t think that one needs an explanation.

#4… Marilyn Mason’s “The D Show”… It goes: “We’re all stars in the dope show…” Now, for this yearbook bit, we’re talking about dope as in stupid, not drugs. I’m fairly certain aliens are blowing stupid into the air vents of all yearbook rooms across the country. If you’ve ever, ever, ever been a yearbook adviser or a newspaper adviser, you know what I’m talkin’ about. Hails Bails, if you’ve ever, ever, ever sat through one teacher “professional” development session, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

#3… Modest Mouse’s “Dashboard” with the words, “It could have been, would have been worse than you would ever know…” (Trust me, I’ve got the “Things That Will Get You Fired Folder” with ample documentation for that one.)

#2… Muse’s “Time Is Running Out…” The name is all you need to know on that little ditty.

Now before, we get to the No. 1 Yearbook Ring Tone, I did a bit of surfing in order to find just the right hater song. A group called Field Mob kept popping up. This ring tone wins for its simplicity and anger. It’s simply entitled, “I Hate You” and the chorus repeats “I hate you so much right now…” over and over and over again.

For less than the cost of a latte, I can buy that hater song.

Sorry, Mr. Jagger,  “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” may be a gas on every other day of the year, but right now I can’t get no satisfaction until these yearbook deadline days are done.


Anonymous said...

May I recommend a little Guns and Roses - Welcome to the Jungle.

askthehomediva said...

That would certainly be an excellent choice as well :-)

Betty said...

I just love to change ringtones. My grandson did a rooster audio for me, and I used it for a long time. It's funny how a ringtone can express one's view of the world at a particular moment in time.