Sunday, September 20, 2009

Picture Day, Emergency Chocolate & My Lizzie Borden Smile

Picture Day sent me to the emergency chocolate drawer twice, to the superduper secret chocolate draw once and to kickboxing class twice. I don’t know what it is about yearbook, but the whole yearbook thing just gives me an uncontrollable urge to hit something. (I think you know what I mean.)

But somewhere in the organized chaos, we still ran through roughly 1,700 kiddos before the final 3:45 bell rang. I’m going to call the day a qualified success since we had only one complaint and my principal still smiled at me––and not that Lizzie Borden ax-wielding, fixin’ to go postal, crazed look kind of smile either. And, as an added bonus, as far as I know, everyone had on their underwear. Nope, none of that Florida nonsense here, Missy.

As an extra, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bonus, I didn’t even call anyone a Big Fat Stupid… So the ole counter to the right remains counting. (I think it was all that chocolate and extra kickboxing smackdowns that kept me in line.)

But before you do the Dance of Joy for my BFSH restraint, let me just say that Monday marks Beat the Teacher Night--oh wait, make that MEET the Teacher Night, and Monday also marks the start of newspaper deadline week. I don’t even think the superduper secret emergency chocolate will help this time. My BFSH timer might as well toll its last tick tock.

So if you see me with that Lizzie Borden, ax-wielding, fixin’ to go postal, crazed look kind of smile, well, you probably just ought to move on out of the way.


Clix said...

CONGRATULATIONS on surviving Picture Day, Richie! Goodness knows I'm not looking forward to ours ;p

Mike said...

I loved this post. So funny, so real. Your school beat ours to pic day, but I'm sure ours will be just as crazy. I'm so glad all I have to do on that day is bring kids, take my turn on the stool playing super model, and then wondered if my hair looked stupid. For some time now, I've noticed a glaring mistake on the back end, when the pictures arrive. They always put the wrong pics in my box. It's some old guy with gray hair and wrinkles.

Teacher Food

askthehomediva said...

I know what you mean… they keep putting some old fat lady's pictures in my box, too.

I've tried asking them to do a little extra photoshopping, but that never happens either. :-(

Kelley said...


I am glad that picture day was a success. I just wish I had been there.