Monday, June 15, 2009

Sitting Bones, Sand & What I Learned On My Vacation

Before I left for the fabulous beach at South Padre Island, I told my exercise/yoga partner that she would have to forge ahead without me. I promised to hold my abs in (what’s left of them anyways), and I promised to grind my sitting bones into Mother Earth (as our yoga instructor admonishes us to do).

Now, my exercise buddy Becky and I aren’t entirely sure what our very lovely yoga instructor means by that grinding bones business, but I told my buddy Becky that if it even remotely meant plopping one’s rather large behind into the sand and grabbing some chips and salsa, well then, I had that part covered for the both of us.

So here I am at the beach violating Beach Rule #1 of remaining entirely unplugged during my South Padre week. At least I have been grinding my sitting bones into the sand while finishing two books that have sat on my “Things I Really Want To Read If I Only Had The Time” shelf. I’ve also spent time just sitting and watching things. And, of course, all this watching stuff got me to thinking about other important stuff like all the important things we can learn outside the classroom. And all of that got me to wondering if my principal will let me do all my in-service, professional development type training right here at the beach.

OK, so just maybe I’ve sat out in the sun too long.

Regardless of my sun exposure, I did learn a few things this week. I was going to tell you all about them, but my youngest daughter, (you know the one, the semi-fired VP of Humor Control) didn’t find any of them even mildly amusing. Now while I agree they weren’t necessarily laugh out loud funny, I thought they were insightful, and Jeez Louise, shouldn’t that account for something? My favorite one covered what I learned from watching dogs on the beach. It went something like this…If you make a mess, you really ought to pick it up instead of pretending like it’s not there or trying to hid it in the sand.

See what I mean? I thought it was an amusing little tidbit. I’d share a few more, but it’s time to do some more of that grinding one’s behind thing, along with the chip and salsa thing, and, oh yeah, that reading thing. Besides, I don’t want to get any more of that eye rolling thing from my semi-fired VP.


Clix said...

So what WERE the two books you read? ;)

Rhonda Maclin said...

I'm thinking Al would approve your doing your in-service and professional development training at the beach. I was given permission to do my online health class from the beach.

Your hall buddy

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Enjoy your vacation and don't worry too much about the semi-fired VP. I think the insight about the dog business is amusing!

askthehomediva said...

To Clix,
I read the last two from the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Friends tell me it's now a TV show on HBO, but I don't get HB, and besides, I prefer to read. I think one of the reasons I love the books is that the main character refers to herself as "traditionally built," a wonderful euphenism for, well, fat. ;-)

To Tortuga,
I'm glad someone else liked the dog comment. There's hope for me yet!

To my wonderful hall buddy,
Now if we can just figure out a way to teach from the beach. Us here. Them there.

HappyChyck said...

Grinding one's behind into the sand sounds very therapeutic!