Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hot off the presses & Hot under the collar

Every once in while I get a glimmer–and not the good kind of glimmer–of the type of stuff administrators deal with concerning the teaching staff. This usually occurs when the school newspaper comes out and someONE isn’t happy about someTHING.

This time the someONE happens to be the Ag department and the someTHING happens to be Pizza Andy’s column. His column concerned a recent election in which voters approved a bond to build a new facility for the Ag department, but nixed money to build a new high school and to buy more school land. In that same election, the community also went from dry to wet allowing beer and wine sales.

So enter Pizza Andy writing a satirical column about the entire matter. In his column, he referred to the new facility as an Ag Barn.

Yes, Ag Barn.

I heard that the peeps over at the Ag Department were not happy campers. “It’s not an Ag Barn,” they say. “It’s an ‘Agricultural Science and Education Facility.’”

And to that, all I’ve got to say is, “An Ag Barn by any other name would smell as…”


Anonymous said...

I think this comes down to the new way of thinking about titles for buildings and people. Are you old enough to remember there were once secretaries, but now administrative assistants? Job was and is the same only the name changed. The artist formerly known as Prince? Garbage men now sanitation engineers? And when did the word barn become offensive?

Anonymous said...

My entire crew fourth period laughed understanding that said Andy was not intending the slam on the Ag facility but on the irony of teh situation. Isn't it sad when freshmen get it, and others don't?!?!